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2014 NCAA D1 Finals Officials
2013 NCAA D1 Officials
2013 NCAA D3 Officials College
2013 Junior College Officials
Pat McCormick and Lynn Dyche

Go get your rule book for 2015-16 here:

NCAA Rule Book 2015-16

SUBJECT: 2015-16 NCAA Wrestling Registration and Referee Clinics. The NCAA wrestling referee clinic will be available online beginning September 15 and closing October 19. Chuck Barbee, secretary-rules editor, will review new rules and points of emphasis and Tim Shiels, national coordinator of officials, will offer the latest instruction on mechanics, positioning, mat control, and other useful topics designed to benefit the collegiate wrestling referee. Each referee assigned to NCAA wrestling competition is required each year to pass the online exam, view the annual rules presentation and participate in the online NCAA officials clinic. All officials who wish to be eligible to officiate NCAA wrestling competition will be required to register on the ArbiterSports website, and complete the online test and clinic by October 19. ArbiterSports is the official site for NCAA wrestling officials. The site will house the annual rules test, a downloadable rules book, interpretations, points of emphasis, video clips, teaching materials, postseason assignments, ejection forms, updated officials mechanics information from Mr. Shiels, as well as interpretations and points of emphasis from Mr. Barbee. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

NWOA Logo Jacket

CLIFF KEEN Athletic has designed the NWOA an official jacket with a new logo for our use. The all-black jacket with logo is shown below. It is a very high-quality jacket, feels like a micro fiber, is wrinkle-free, and is made in the USA in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is cut with lots of room for movement, and fits true to size. I have been wearing one for the last few months and I love it. The KEEN organization is willing to sell it at cost to our membership and also handle the ordering and shipping.

The cost for the jacket is $45 plus shipping. You can order the jacket directly from cliffkeen.com as special order code # NWOAF15MZ.

Arbiter Sports Link

2015 Officials Test

The NCAA wrestling rules test will be active on September 15 and continue to October 19th. Officials must join Arbiter Sports in order to take the test. As you may know, the NCAA's registration and testing period for this year begins September 15 and ends October 19. Registration and testing are done through the Arbiter's website.

Arbiter Sports Link

Each official must pass the test with a score of 85 %.


Mike McCormick talks NCAA, future of NWOA

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you as the new NWOA President. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to lead this great organization. I obviously have big shoes to fill but look forward to the challenge. Pat Fitzgerald has decided to step down as the Vice President of the NWOA and Matt Zeitz was unanimously elected to replace him during our annual meeting in OKC this past March. Pat has retired from active officiating after a very successful career. He will be missed! The Rules Committee and Championship Committee met from April 15-17, 2014 in Indianapolis, IN and there are several new experimental rules that will be in effect this season, as well as changes to the way NCAA Wrestling Officials will be certified this season. Arbiter Sports will again serve as the point of contact for most communication on the national level. Our NCAA Coordinator will post tests, videos, interpretations, etc. on their website www.arbitersports.com. As a reminder, this season is the second year of the two year cycle of the rules book. If you need to purchase one, you can either buy one or download one on www.ncaapublications.com. New this year, the NCAA will not conduct in-person clinics for wrestling referee certification purposes. The clinic information will now be recorded and available online, beginning September 15, 2014 and closing October 19, 2014. Ron Beaschler, Secretary-Rules editor, will review new rules and points of emphasis and Dr. Pat McCormick, National Coordinator of officials, will offer the latest instruction on mechanics, positioning, mat control, the role of the assistant referee, and other useful topics designed to benefit the collegiate wrestling referee. All officials who wish to be eligible to officiate NCAA wrestling competition, will be required to register on the Arbiter Sports website listed above, view the rules presentation and pass the online test with a score of 85% or better before October 19, 2014. Arbiter Sports is the official site for NCAA wrestling officials. More information concerning the online test and clinic will be coming directly from the NCAA soon. The following section will describe the new experimental rules for the 2014-2015 season with the last two below being used only in the NWCA All-Star match on November 1, 2014. Please remember to fill out and submit the NCAA questionnaire for the 2014-2015 season. It is imperative that we continue to provide support to the NCAA concerning rules and interpretations that affect our sport. Any rule considerations that were suggested during our annual business meeting in OKC this past season will be forwarded to the Rules Committee as well. For those of you eligible to buy an updated version of the NWOA ring, it can be ordered through Matt Zeitz, our new Vice President. His cell is 573-230-2525 and his e-mail is mzeitz@heliashs.com. If you have refereed any combination of five (5) NCAA Division I, II, or III Championships, or one (1) Division finals match, you are eligible to buy one. Check them out on our website. Address is www.nwoaofficials.org. Speaking of our website, Kent Intagliata has volunteered to be our new webmaster. Please visit it and check out what Kent has done to improve it! If you have not done so already, please send in your annual dues to Gary Kessel. Dues run from July to June. Gary e-mail is GKessel@ptd.net. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer and I will see you on the mats!

The NWOA is SOLD OUT of tickets for the finals next year in New York. We have gone through our allotment.

How to become a College Official

With over 60 years of wrestling experience,Gary Kessel gives some helpful tips on getting started as a college official. Download Article

Wrestling Interpretations
New Rule Interpretation from NCAA as November 24 2014 for 2014-15

Please visit the NCAA Wrestling Center Mat home page to view our latest rules claricifcation. https://ncaawrestling.arbitersports.com/front/107525/Site

Committee for: Rule 2.1.1. Neutral Position This interpretation is effective IMMEDIATELY (November 20, 2014) In matches involving vision-impaired wrestlers, a finger-touch method shall be used in the neutral position. (See Illustration no.8, in the NCAA Wrestling Rules Book, Page WR-89) Each contestant shall have the fingers of one hand over and the fingers of the other hand under the opponent’s fingers. Fingers shall not extend to the palms. Prior to the start of each match, the referee shall flip his/her (red/green) disk to determine which wrestler has choice of hand position during every neutral start, i.e., which wrestler will have his/her right or left hand palm up or down relative to the mat. The wrestlers shall alternate this choice of palm position throughout the match for each subsequent neutral position start. The meet timekeeper shall indicate to the referee which wrestler has hand position choice. The following is additional clarification for Experimental Rule (Stalling - Offensive and Defensive Positions) When in an offensive position a wrestler moves his/her lock or hold to around a leg or legs below the buttocks and does not breakdown the opponent, execute an offensive move or work back up to the upper extremity for five seconds as counted by the referee, the offensive wrestler shall be called for stalling. The count shall be both verbal and visual. Situation: Referee position, the offensive wrestler drops down below the waist onto one leg and then the wrestlers stand up onto their feet with the offensive wrestler still holding onto the leg. Ruling: In this situation, the referee shall determine if the offensive wrestler picked the leg up (initiated the action) or did the defensive wrestler stand up (initiated the action). If the offensive wrestler initiated the action by lifting the leg up off the mat, then the referee would stop his/her count. If the defensive wrestler initiated the action by standing up, then the referee would continue the count until the referee determined that the offensive wrestler initiated action to return the defensive wrestler to the mat, move his hold up above the buttocks, or release the hold. If the offensive wrestler moved his hold down below the buttocks, the referee shall immediately start the count. At this point, if the defensive wrestler initiates the action by standing up or moving forward (dragging the offensive wrestler around the mat, etc.) and the offensive wrestler is not attempting to breakdown, move up or return the defensive wrestler to the mat, then the count shall continue and if the referee reaches a five count, the offensive wrestler shall be called for stalling NCAA to High School Differences

Interpretations by Pat-(Video)

Point of Emphasis

The Benefits of The NWOA Membership
Benefits of the NWOA Membership

All wrestling officials are welcomed and encouraged to join the N.W.O.A. The year is July 1st-June 30 of each year, and the annual dues are $20. Please send all NWOA membership dues, payments and/or inquires to Gary Kessel.

Please contact Gary Kessel at

The National Wrestling Officials Association is a service organization, created with the endorsement and support of the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee and the National Wrestling Coaches Association. The member officials provide officiating services to universities, colleges and conferences needing NCAA-quality officiating.

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Referee's Requirements
Requirements of the Referee

Only NCAA registered officials may be used to officiate any wrestling meet or
Tournament during the 2015-16 academic year. Listed below are the referee requirements.

7.1 Referee

7.1.1 Registration. A referee who wishes to be eligible to officiate regular-season
And/or postseason competition must complete the following requirements :

1) The referee shall register by watching, annually, the NCAA Rules Presentation
(DVD) not later than OCTOBER 19 of each year.



7.1.2 Institutional Penalty. An institution using a non-registered referee shall be
Subject to any or all of the following penalties: Monetary fine ($50 up to a $300 maximum penalty). Disqualification of head coach for one or more competitions, and Private or public reprimand

Coaches and/or administrators are encouraged to contact the NCAA Wrestling Rules
Committee chair or a committee member, the NCAA wrestling secretary-rules editor or an NCAA championship manager to report a potential violation.

Finally, the committee also requests that coaches submit a written evaluation of officials via the NWCA Web site when submitting the results of any competition.


News and Events

Wresting Officials Education Grant Program

In an effort to continue to provide support and educational opportunities to wrestling officials associations across the country, the NCAA is accepting applications for grant funding to support their efforts with recruiting, retention, training, education and mentoring. Grant funding will be provided with the intention of financially supporting efforts by the association in one or more of these areas. The grant application period will run from September 1 through November 1. Grants should be returned to the NCAA national office via email or fax with the subject line of “Wrestling Officials Grant Application” to: Heidi Wurster Assistant Coordinator, Championships and Alliances NCAA

Email: hwurster@ncaa.org

Fax: 317/917-6237 Along with the attached application, please provide a copy of your associations Articles of Incorporation and/or Bylaws, a proposed budget and any other information relevant to the proposed program.

2014 Membership Letter

2013 Membership Letter/Information (download)

Current Officials

You need to update your resume by October 1st. If you do not update your resume we will take down your information until we receive a current resume.
Send to kent.intagliata@hyland.com.

2015-2016 NWOA DUES
Are Due July 1st

The Membership Year Is July 1 - June 30TH.

Dues are $20 per year. $17 For Officials that belong to Associations with at Least 20 members. If you would like to pay your dues and subscribe
To the Amateur Wrestling News, then it's $40.

Send your payment to:
NWOA 141 Manor Dr. East Stroudsburg, PA. 18301

NWOA Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes (download)

2015 Rules Video and Officials Certification Information will be posted in September


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